Data center confinement modulaire

Data center modular containment

Every data center is as unique as the users who manage it. For this reason, we deliberately refrain from aligning your requirements to any one standard. Instead, we prefer to adapt the standard to your requirements. We find it unacceptable to compromise on quality and speed. Our products consist of systematized assemblies, which we largely produce ourselves. This allows us to realize our projects particularly quickly and according to our highest quality standards, even if they contain components that have never been manufactured before. In the case of fully equipped data centers with racks from different manufacturers, our system offers you the possibility of enclosing them without having to purchase new cabinets.

Individual aluminum elements for secure sealing of the cold or warm air aisles

Spaces within the row

For gaps within a row or rows of different lengths, custom-made aluminum elements are used. These are mounted between the racks and provide a high-quality seal for the cold or warm air area.

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Height differences - it all depends on the possibilities!

Thanks to a coordinated range of products and numerous design options, we can respond flexibly to the conditions and implement your specifications with high quality.


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Flexible partition walls

Our flexible partition walls are an especially fast and flexible solution to roughly separate cold and warm air zones.
Due to their low weight, these walls can be positioned freely in the data centre and, where required, set to the desired width with just a few hand movements. A rigid version without width adjustment is also available.

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